Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[Experience] How art of living practices helped to quit smoking By Prasenjit Saha from Kolkata

Dear Suresh-ji,

I was able to quit smoking after 25 yrs of NON STOP SMOKING. During the final stage before quitting, the number went up to 40 per day. The entire body use to STINK. My day started with a fag & ended with a puff. Really, what a BIG relief it was. Now, the FEEL GOOD factor is multiplying & getting elevated after seeing your mail in E-SATSANG. (www.esatsang.net).

It all happened due to that MAGICIAN, Sri Sri… Art of living…

Art of Living Basic course & DSN Course within a month's time, 10 more days & the SANKALPA of QUIT SMOKING worked wonders… and now it’s HISTORY!

The first week of quit Smoking WAS terrible. I was unable to sit, stand, sleep, eat, and work peacefully. The anxiety level was at its PEAK & urge of smoking again was pulling me every minute.

The first seven days was TESTING period for me & then something divine happened…

Regards and keep smiling always
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Email: prasenjit.saha@itc.in

These words are of Sri. Prasenjit Saha from Kolkota ,who used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day – He could give up cigarettes after the experience of Sudarshan Kriya and the art of living course. It is the experience, rather than the words from the mouth that really talks to the heart…

Another Sunday - Another experience - 18 Jan 2009

With the strength of daily group practices of Sudarshan Kriya and Padma Sadhna, our SSSL volunteers continue their campaign against the hazard of cigarette smoking...

There were a lot of people who were moving around with burning cigarettes. Most alarming truth is that, we could find a number of youngsters who were smoking for 'Time pass'. The young smokers were receptive to us. They know that Smoking is not a good habit, they know that smoking is not giving them any special effect - but according to them they were passing 'time'. 
Even we could find people who have already done art of living course, experience Sudarshan kriya, but not practicing. They also agree that when they were practicing kriya, there was no tendency to smoke! And it is impossible to find a regualr kriya practitioner smoking. 

When we can give them the experience of the power of their breath, they will never search the 'elevation' from smoking. So let's move together to bring all those into the light of knowlede that is Sudarshan Kriya. People who have experienced the power of breath through  sudarshan kriya, that helped them to drop the habit of smoking may share their experience with us - it may become inspiration for others who want to leave this bad habit.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


The volunteers of Stop-Smoking-Start-Living-Team are on public places with their message of "Stop Smoking and Start Living" for last 10 days. The commitment shown by them to help the people is truly amazing! They have wonderful experiences to say. Some people who are in the world of 'Smoke' shouted at them in anger for requesting them to stop smoking. But most of the people were receptive.
Suhagi Shaw, an inspired volunteer tells - "Many people really want to leave smoking. But They do not know the way out. Our movement will SURELY help them.It is going to create SMOKING FREE society. Our Next generation is surely going to get benifitted by this movement.We will create good example for them."
Yes, this movement is going to make a remarkable change in the minds of people. More and more people are joining the SSSL team to create a better world for the coming generations. On 11, Sunday January 2009, a committed group of volunteers from Indiaranagar, Bangalore is expanding the campaign to the localities near Indiranagar too... Great news it is!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A wonderful way to start the mission!

The seva warriors of HAL Art of Living centre started their mission, in a symbolic way on the new year day. After a wonderful knowledge session with the Ashtavakra Gita discourses by HH Sri Sri Ravishankarji, it started. With hand written write-ups and boards, they started their awareness campaign against the smoking at HAL Market area....

Seva at its best! Burning out energy and time, without expecting anything! They were welcomed by the public. Many of the smokers dropped the burning cigarettes when our volunteers interacted with them. some people even became emotional, watching the care that these unknown youngsters had for them.... 

Friday, January 2, 2009

An idea! A movement! A Difference!

This is a noble movement initiated by a bunch of souls committed to make a difference to the society where they live, inspired by the wisdom of world famous humanitarian and art of living guru HH Sri Sri Ravishankar.
Everybody in this civilised society are aware of the fact that 'SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH'. Still the health of billions of people are being eaten away by the deadly smoke! A smoker is not only killing himself, but killing the people around him including his own family and children.
Enough of knowledge about the bad effects of SMOKING has been injected into the brains of people. But of no use!!! Knowledge in the books may not help always. There should be methods to help those affected people to come out of their bad habit of smoking. WE ARE HERE FOR THAT. WE ARE HERE TO TELL THEM THAT THERE ARE MORE INTOXICATING POWERS WITHIN THEM! THEY NEED NOT DEPEND ON SMOKE AND NIKOTIN FOR "LETTING GO" OF THEIR TENSIONS AND STRESS. WE ARE HERE TO HELP THEM WITH THE POWER OF YOGA, MEDITATION AND ART OF LIVING PRACTICES.