Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Sunday - Another experience - 18 Jan 2009

With the strength of daily group practices of Sudarshan Kriya and Padma Sadhna, our SSSL volunteers continue their campaign against the hazard of cigarette smoking...

There were a lot of people who were moving around with burning cigarettes. Most alarming truth is that, we could find a number of youngsters who were smoking for 'Time pass'. The young smokers were receptive to us. They know that Smoking is not a good habit, they know that smoking is not giving them any special effect - but according to them they were passing 'time'. 
Even we could find people who have already done art of living course, experience Sudarshan kriya, but not practicing. They also agree that when they were practicing kriya, there was no tendency to smoke! And it is impossible to find a regualr kriya practitioner smoking. 

When we can give them the experience of the power of their breath, they will never search the 'elevation' from smoking. So let's move together to bring all those into the light of knowlede that is Sudarshan Kriya. People who have experienced the power of breath through  sudarshan kriya, that helped them to drop the habit of smoking may share their experience with us - it may become inspiration for others who want to leave this bad habit.

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