Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[Experience] How art of living practices helped to quit smoking By Prasenjit Saha from Kolkata

Dear Suresh-ji,

I was able to quit smoking after 25 yrs of NON STOP SMOKING. During the final stage before quitting, the number went up to 40 per day. The entire body use to STINK. My day started with a fag & ended with a puff. Really, what a BIG relief it was. Now, the FEEL GOOD factor is multiplying & getting elevated after seeing your mail in E-SATSANG. (www.esatsang.net).

It all happened due to that MAGICIAN, Sri Sri… Art of living…

Art of Living Basic course & DSN Course within a month's time, 10 more days & the SANKALPA of QUIT SMOKING worked wonders… and now it’s HISTORY!

The first week of quit Smoking WAS terrible. I was unable to sit, stand, sleep, eat, and work peacefully. The anxiety level was at its PEAK & urge of smoking again was pulling me every minute.

The first seven days was TESTING period for me & then something divine happened…

Regards and keep smiling always
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Email: prasenjit.saha@itc.in

These words are of Sri. Prasenjit Saha from Kolkota ,who used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day – He could give up cigarettes after the experience of Sudarshan Kriya and the art of living course. It is the experience, rather than the words from the mouth that really talks to the heart…

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