Thursday, January 8, 2009


The volunteers of Stop-Smoking-Start-Living-Team are on public places with their message of "Stop Smoking and Start Living" for last 10 days. The commitment shown by them to help the people is truly amazing! They have wonderful experiences to say. Some people who are in the world of 'Smoke' shouted at them in anger for requesting them to stop smoking. But most of the people were receptive.
Suhagi Shaw, an inspired volunteer tells - "Many people really want to leave smoking. But They do not know the way out. Our movement will SURELY help them.It is going to create SMOKING FREE society. Our Next generation is surely going to get benifitted by this movement.We will create good example for them."
Yes, this movement is going to make a remarkable change in the minds of people. More and more people are joining the SSSL team to create a better world for the coming generations. On 11, Sunday January 2009, a committed group of volunteers from Indiaranagar, Bangalore is expanding the campaign to the localities near Indiranagar too... Great news it is!

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